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Galaxy Dust

Vanquish Body Powder for Men

Vanquish Body Powder for Men

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Scent: Citrus, Amber, & Wood

Scent Description: Fresh, Clean, Orange, Woody, Masculine

Vanquish space invaders without breaking a sweat with our unique "Vanquish" body powder for men. Vanquish features a fresh, masculine scent that contains notes of citrus, amber, & wood. It is the perfect choice for gentlemen who want to stay dry and smell great while they rid the galaxy of space scum.

Our Galaxy Dust Body Powder is formulated with a unique blend of earthbound starches and clay minerals that keep you dry while eliminating odor, chafing, friction, skin irritation, and discomfort.  

  • 6 oz wt.
  • Masculine citrus, amber, & wood scent
  • Ultra fine, smooth, and super soft
  • 100% talc-free, skin safe ingredients
  • Aluminum bottle and cap with shaker insert
  • Proudly made on Planet Earth, USA

How to use:

Apply Galaxy Dust Body Powder wherever you experience sweat, odor, chafing, and friction, such as the balls, pits, thighs, feet, and even the dark abyss of the ass crack. Reapply as needed. 

*External use only

    Ingredients (Vanquish):

    Corn Starch, Arrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dead Sea Clay, French Green Clay, Essential Oil Blend, Fragrance*

    *Skin safe synthetic ingredient


    • Absorbs sweat to keep you dry all day
    • Naturally deodorizes for all day odor prevention
    • Eliminates friction, chafing, skin irritation, and discomfort
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    Best powder

    Awesome Powder!

    Love this stuff, it's super fine, smells good, and works really well. Keeps your dangling participles dry and comfortable all day and in Florida summers that's saying a lot! I like Vanquish. I bought this stuff because of the marketing, but it turns out the powder is really good. A little goes a long way, buy some you'll be glad you did.

    Uranus Smiles on This Galaxy

    Bought this powder on a whim but glad I did. This is the best body powder I’ve used. Keeps you dry with a light masculine scent. I would disagree with this product lasting 5+ months with daily use. Lasts more like 5 weeks but you’ll stay dry in the meantime.


    Wonderful smell!


    I sweat less and smell better.