Is Galaxy Dust safe for full body use?

Yes, absolutely! Our Galaxy Dust Body Powder is made from natural starches and clay minerals that are 100% safe for full body application. No harsh chemicals. No harsh ingredients. No talc.
Galaxy Dust undergoes a 2 stage sifting process that produces the smoothest, finest body powder on earth. That's just one of the reasons why men love using Galaxy Dust on their balls and groin area, while women love using it between and under their boobs to prevent sweat, odor, chafing, and friction.
More awesome uses for Galaxy Dust:
  • Butt crack - Can Galaxy Dust handle the sweatiest, smelliest area on the body? Hell yes! Apply Galaxy Dust to your butt crack to eliminate swamp ass, odor, chafing, and friction.  
  • Feet - Struggle with foot odor? Not a problem. Galaxy Dust works great as a foot powder to combat sweat and odor and prevent clammy feet.  
  • Shoes/boots - Sprinkle Galaxy Dust into your shoes, sneakers, and work boots to keep them fresh, clean, and dry.  
  • Armpits - Tired of stick deodorants and their endless list of synthetic ingredients? Try using Galaxy Dust in your pits to combat sweat and armpit odor. 
  • Chest/back - Tired of embarrassing sweat marks on your shirt? Sprinkle a bit of Galaxy Dust on your chest and back to halt sweat and moisture in its tracks. 

Where is Galaxy Dust made?

Galaxy Dust is proudly made on Planet Earth, USA! Buffalo, New York to be exact.

How long does a bottle of Galaxy Dust last?

Mileage will vary depending on frequency of use and dosage amount, but on average you can expect a 6 oz bottle of Galaxy Dust to last at least 4 months. Usually longer, sometimes shorter - depending on the user.
Our aluminum bottles of Galaxy Dust contain 6 ounces (weight) of powder which is typically a few ounces more than other brands are offering. 

Why does Galaxy Dust cost more than the powder I currently use?

The simple answer: Ingredients.
The longer answer: Our goal when producing our Galaxy Dust body powder was to produce the best performing body powder available. That's why we spared no expense when choosing our ingredients.
Ingredients such as arrowroot powder, pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate, kaolin clay, French green clay, and Dead Sea clay come at a cost for us to use but are unmatched when it comes to preventing sweat, odor, chafing, and friction.  

Is Galaxy Dust tested on animals?

No, Galaxy Dust is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. We only test our body powder on sweaty human volunteers.

Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Absolutely. If you're not happy, we're not happy. If Galaxy Dust isn't the best body powder you ever used, let us know and we will make it right with and exchange or a refund.