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Best Smelling Men's Body Powder

An astronaut traveling on a space rock through space

If your nose is in search of the best smelling men's body powder tell it to sniff no further than our Galaxy Dust Body Powder for men. 

Galaxy Dust is formulated to eliminate sweat, odor, chafing, and friction while it ensnares the senses with our unique array of masculine scents and smells. 

We carefully handcraft our men's body powder to feature one-of-a-kind scents that simply can't be found anywhere else in the galaxy - trust us, we looked. 

From exotic scents such as cedarwood & oud all the way to tried and true favorites such as cool mint - our Galaxy Dust Body Powder will jettison your senses into orbit where they will undoubtedly reside in eternal bliss. Too dramatic? Yeah sorry about that.

Review of Our Best Smelling Men's Body Powders


A bottle of banish body power for men - best smelling men's body powder

Banish sweat and odor to the outer recesses of space with our unique Banish scented body powder for men. Featuring a masculine blend of cedarwood & oud, Banish delivers an out of this world scent experience that’s worth traversing the galaxy for.

Scent Description:

If you're in search of a uber masculine smelling body powder for men, Banish is for you. Carefully handcrafted in the USA with a unique blend of oud wood and Texas cedar, Banish features an unapologetically masculine scent that can be described as bold, rugged, woody, manly, and downright daring - or so we've been told. 


A bottle of Vanquish body powder for men - best smelling mens body powder

Vanquish space invaders without breaking a sweat with our unique Vanquish body powder for men. Vanquish features a fresh, masculine scent that contains notes of citrus, amber, & wood. It is the perfect choice for gentlemen who want to stay dry and smell great while they rid the galaxy of space scum.

Scent Description:

If you're in search of the best smelling body powder for men, you simply can't go wrong with Vanquish. Handcrafted with a unique blend of orange essential oil, amber, and cedarwood, Vanquish features a distinctly masculine cologne type scent with fresh citrus top notes and subtle undertones of rugged wood.


A bottle of Blackhole body powder for men - best smelling men's body powder
Transport sweat, odor, and chafing to another place and time with our masculine scented Blackhole body powder for men. Featuring a manly blend of sandalwood & musk, Blackhole is formulated to keep you dry and smelling great while you boldly venture into the great unknown.
Scent Description:
Light, fresh, clean, and incredibly masculine, our Blackhole scented body powder is certainly a contender for best smelling body powder for men. Featuring an enticing blend of Australian sandalwood and white musk, Blackhole has a soft, powdery aroma with subtle undertones of raw wood.


Brace yourself for impact with our all-natural, cooling Asteroid body powder for men. Featuring a refreshing blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, Asteroid delivers a cosmic blast of cooling relief wherever you need it most.

Scent Description:

Featuring a tried and true cool mint scent, our Asteroid body powder for men is our all-natural cooling body powder option that smells as good as it feels. With notes of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, and a subtle touch of lime, Asteroid is simply the best smelling cooling body powder this side of the galaxy. 

Planet X

A bottle of our Planet X body powder for men

Cooler than the dark side of the moon, our Planet X body powder is our coolest body powder yet. Featuring a refreshing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol, our Planet X body powder is specially formulated to eliminate sweat and odor while delivering a spine tingling blast of cooling relief wherever you need it most.

Scent Description:

Planet X features a very similar scent profile as our Asteroid body powder but contains 2x the cooling action. With notes of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, lime, and menthol, Planet X is a must have for gentlemen who like it cold. 

Eclipse (unscented)

A bottle of our Eclipse unscented body powder for men

Eclipse sweat, odor, chafing, and friction the all-natural way with our Eclipse unscented body powder for men. Formulated with a premium blend of earthbound starches and clay minerals; Eclipse absorbs sweat, banishes odor, and eliminates chafing and friction without any added scent or fragrance.

What Makes our Galaxy Dust Body Powder Special?

Aside from being the best smelling body powder for men, there are many reasons why you should consider giving our Galaxy Dust Body Powder a try. Here's just a few:

Soft & Velvety Smooth 

Body powder that's coarse or gritty isn't a good thing - just ask your balls. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that our Galaxy Dust Body Powder is incredibly soft, smooth, and 100% grit free. 

So go ahead and apply Galaxy Dust to balls, pits, feet, between your thighs, and even the dark abyss of the ass crack. Our velvety soft powder will eliminate sweat, odor, and chafing without feeling like it's even there. 

Natural Starches & Minerals

In nothing but a beat up old spaceship, our crew spent years exploring the galaxy in an effort to locate and obtain the finest ingredients for our Galaxy Dust Body Powder.

But as it turns out, the best natural ingredients for preventing sweat, odor, and chafing are found right here on Planet Earth. Go figure.

Our Galaxy Dust green spaceship flying through space

Formulated with a unique blend of earthbound starches and clay minerals, our Galaxy Dust Body Powder is designed to keep you dry while eliminating odor, chafing, friction, skin irritation, and discomfort.

Here's a look at our natural ingredients:

  • Cornstarch - A safe alternative to talc, cornstarch is a carbohydrate that is extracted from the endosperm of corn. It provides a natural cooling sensation when applied to the skin and helps absorb sweat and reduce skin-to-skin rubbing and chafing. 
  • Arrowroot powder - A carbohydrate that is extracted from the tropical arrowroot plant. Another safe alternative to talc, arrowroot powder is highly absorbent and does an excellent job helping to reduce friction and chafing caused by skin-to-skin rubbing. 
  • Kaolin clay - A soft white clay that is primarily made up of the mineral kaolinite. Kaolin clay is known to absorb sweat and moisture while helping to soothe skin irritation caused from chafing. 
  • Sodium bicarbonate - A salt that is composed of a sodium and a bicarbonate anion. Commonly known as "baking soda", sodium bicarbonate is PH neutral which makes it great at eliminating body odor and suppressing bacterial growth. 
  • French green clay - A mineral that is mined from quarries located in Southern France. The clay's distinct green hue comes from a combination of iron oxides and decomposed plant matter such as kelp, seaweed, and algae. French green clay helps absorb sweat, soothe the skin, and has even been shown to prohibit bacterial growth
  • Dead Sea clay - A mineral rich clay that is obtained from the lowest point on earth: The Dead Sea in Israel. Known for its skin soothing and healing properties, Dead Sea clay has been shown to help relieve chafing and skin inflammation. 

How to Apply Body Powder to Balls, Groin, and Body

Applying body powder to your balls, groin, and body certainly doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist. 

That being said, there are some super simple steps you should take to help you get the best performance possible out of your body powder and to help reduce waste.   

1. Get Clean

Before you go and make it rain body powder all over your balls and body you should get clean first. Body powder works best when it's used for preventing body odor - not masking it. 

The first thing you should do is hop in the shower and cleanse all your stink zones. Use a brush, washcloth, or loofah to thoroughly exfoliate dirt, grime, sweat, oil, dead skin, and odor causing bacteria. This will give you a "clean slate" so to speak for your body powder to work its best. 

2. Get Dry

Once you're out of the shower it's important to make sure that you are fully and completely dry everywhere you plan on putting your body powder. Applying body powder to wet or damp skin can cause the powder to clump and reduce its effectiveness. 

Use a towel (a microfiber towel works best) or fan to get into all the crevices and folds of your skin to make sure you're thoroughly dry. 

3. Apply

Once you're clean and dry it's time to apply the powder. While there isn't necessarily a wrong way to apply body powder, there is however a better way to apply body powder. 

If you're interested in applying body powder without making a huge mess and reducing waste, the best method is hand application. 

Sprinkle a small amount of body powder into the palm of your hand and slowly work it into the site of application. This not only helps reduce mess but it also allows the powder to work its way into all the small cracks and crevices of your skin. 

A blue powder explosion on a black background

This is especially true when applying powder to your balls and groin area. Pile a small amount of powder into your palm and position your hand under your ball sack. Gently cup your balls with the powdered hand and carefully work the powder into all the folds and crevices of the skin. 


Another thing to keep in mind is to use less powder than you think you need. Most men use far too much body powder per application and most of it ends up on the floor. You can always apply more if you feel it's needed. 

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