Does Body Powder Expire? How Long Does it Last?

Does Body Powder Expire? How Long Does it Last?

Have you ever had an old bottle of body powder sitting around and wondered if it actually expires?

Most brands of body powder do not have an expiration date on the bottle which makes a lot of people wonder if body powder actually expires at all.

So, does body powder expire? Typically not.

While formulations will vary from brand to brand, none of the common ingredients used to make body powder have any sort of expiration date. 

This is great if you're the type of person that likes to stock up on personal care items or if you want to take advantage of a sale and buy multiple bottles of body powder at once. 

How to Properly Store Body Powder

Just because body powder doesn't technically have an expiration date doesn't mean there isn't a right and a wrong way to store it. 

One of the beneficial characteristics of body powder is that it's designed to absorb moisture.

While this is great when using body powder on your pits, groin, and feet - it's not so great for your bottle of body powder when it begins absorbing moisture from the air. 

An improperly stored bottle of body powder that is exposed to humidity and moisture can actually become hardened, lumpy and gritty over time. 

In order to avoid this, try to keep the cap or lid secure at all times when not in use and avoid storing your body powder in humid environments such as a bathroom that doesn't have good ventilation.

Repeated long term exposure to shower steam and moisture can turn your favorite bottle of body powder into a clumpy, gritty mess. Not the type of thing you want to apply to sensitive areas such as the groin or ass crack!

Is Body Powder Safe for Men and Women?

One of the concerns people have regarding body powder is whether or not it's safe for men and women.

The answer? It depends on the ingredients. 

While we can't speak to all brands of body powder, we can proudly say that our Galaxy Dust Body Powder is 100% safe for both men and women. 

Our body powder formula consists of starches and clay minerals that are chosen for their ability to combat sweat, odor, and chafing and are completely safe for full body application. 

That being said, most brands of body powder are now formulated to be completely safe for both men and women. 

For years many body powder brands contained the controversial ingredient talc. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that is really good at absorbing sweat and moisture. 

The problem with talc is that it forms in the ground in close proximity to cancer causing asbestos. So close in fact that mining practices have a hard time keeping the two separated. 

This issue has led to countless lawsuits and obvious concerns over the safety of talc based body powders. 

Nowadays most body powder companies don't use talc, instead opting for a safe, starch based formula. Galaxy Dust included. 

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