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Best Smelling Women's Body Powder

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If you're in search of the best smelling women's body powder, look no further than our Galaxy Dust Body Powder for women.

Galaxy Dust Body Powder is formulated to eliminate sweat, odor, chafing, and friction while it ensnares the senses with a unique array of feminine scents and fragrances that can't be found anywhere else on earth - trust us, we looked.

From tried and true favorites such as soothing lavender & rosalina all the way to adventurous scent options such as sweet berries & juicy tangerine, our collection of handcrafted body powders are simply unmatched if you're looking for the best smelling women's body powder on earth. 

Review of Our Best Smelling Women's Body Powders



Bottle of Arrival body powder for women


The solution to sweat and odor has arrived in all-natural form. Our Arrival scented body powder is formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients and features a light, fresh, feminine scent thanks to lavender and rosalina essential oils.

Scent Description 

Soothing, gentle, and classic. If you enjoy the smell of lavender you are going to love our Arrival scented body powder for women. The floral scent of lavender pairs perfectly with the fresh scent of rosalina making Arrival an obvious contender for best smelling women's body powder. 


Embark on an interstellar mission through space with our one of a kind Nebula scented body powder for women. Featuring a seductive blend of sweet berries & juicy tangerine, Nebula is designed to eliminate sweat, odor, chafing, and friction while it ensnares the senses with an out of this world fruity aroma. 

Scent Description 

Sweet berries & juicy tangerine. Need we say more? This fruity concoction smells so delicious and sweet you may be tempted to eat it. Don't. 

Cosmic Bloom

Tantalize the senses while eliminating sweat odor and chafing with our Cosmic Bloom body powder for women. Inspired by a large carnivorous flower that our crew discovered on an uncharted planet; Cosmic Bloom features an extraterrestrial floral scent that contains notes of patchouli, wood, citrus, and sweet spices.


Jettison sweat, odor, and chafing into space with our one of a kind Supernova scented body powder for women. Featuring an intoxicating blend of vanilla, spice, and coffee; Supernova is the perfect choice for women who want to stay dry and smell great as they boldly venture into the great unknown.


A bottle of Asteroid cooling body powder

Brace yourself for impact with our all-natural, cooling Asteroid body powder. Featuring a refreshing blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, Asteroid delivers a cosmic blast of cooling relief wherever you need it most.

Scent Description:

Featuring a tried and true cool mint scent, our Asteroid body powder is our all-natural cooling body powder option that smells as good as it feels. With notes of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, and a subtle touch of lime, Asteroid is simply the best smelling cooling body powder this side of the galaxy. 

Planet X

A bottle of Planet X cooling body powder

Cooler than the dark side of the moon, our Planet X body powder is our coolest body powder yet. Featuring a refreshing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol, our Planet X body powder is specially formulated to eliminate sweat and odor while delivering a spine tingling blast of cooling relief wherever you need it most.

Scent Description:

Planet X features a very similar scent profile to our Asteroid body powder but contains 2x the cooling action. With notes of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, lime, and menthol, Planet X is a must have for women who like it cold. 


Eclipse sweat, odor, chafing, and friction the all-natural way with our Eclipse unscented body powder. Formulated with a premium blend of earthbound starches and clay minerals; Eclipse absorbs sweat, banishes odor, and eliminates chafing and friction without any added scent or fragrance.

Eclipse is the perfect choice for women who have very sensitive skin or simply prefer to avoid scented body powders.

How to Use Body Powder

Now that you finally found the best smelling body powder for women, it's time to put it to use. 

Applying body powder isn't a complicated affair, but we do have a few tips and tricks that you can use to avoid making a mess and to help make application as easy as possible. 

Step 1. Don't overdue it

When it comes to applying body powder it can be very tempting to pile it on.

While it might seem like applying more body powder would be more effective, it doesn't really work like that. The reality is the skin can only hold onto so much powder. Applying more than this will cause the powder to fall right off the skin and make a mess on the floor. No fun. 

Step 2. Apply to skin

When applying body powder to the skin there is multiple methods you can use:

  • Apply by hand - The most common method of application is applying the body powder by hand. This involves sprinkling a small amount of powder into the palm of your hand and patting or spreading it over the skin. 
  • Shake from the bottle - Another common method of application is shaking the powder from the bottle directly onto the skin. This method works well for hard to reach areas, but can be a little messy and more wasteful since it's harder to control how much powder leaves the bottle.
  • Brush it on - A great way to apply body powder without making a mess is to brush it on using a makeup brush or paintbrush. Simply pour a small amount of powder into the palm of your hand, dip the brush into the powder, and brush onto the skin.

Step 3. Sprinkle onto bra, footwear, and clothing

Body powder isn't only for the skin. Try sprinkling a little bit of powder onto your bra, clothing, and footwear to eliminate sweat and odor. 

Clothing fibers actually do a better job of holding onto body powder than the skin does, so applying it to your clothes can actually help keep you dry and smelling fresher for longer throughout the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Galaxy Dust Body Powder Safe for Feminine Hygiene?

Absolutely. Our Galaxy Dust Body Powder is made from natural starches and clay minerals that are completely safe for woman. Our body powder does not contain any talc, aluminum, or alcohol.  

Thanks for reading! If you would like to try the best smelling women's body powder in the galaxy check out our full collection of body powder for women.  

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